Lightning Counter

Lightning Counter


Lightning Strike Counter is designed for easy mounting on a downconductor to effectively count the number of lightning strikes captured by the ESE Terminal. When the lightning rod receive an impact of the lightning strike, discharge counter detects the energy dissipated by the down conductor, thereby incrementing the number. The ALSC21 operates by sensing current by means of an inductive pick up loop. With the voltage impulse detected by the current transformer (CT) a trigger to the pulse counter then turns the counter to register the lightning event. The equipment does not require either external or internal power supply, as it is electromechanical and uses the power of the induced current dissipated through the down conductor. It must be placed on the down-conductor above the control/testlink joint and, in all cases, 2mtrs above the ground. Its use is not obligatory but is highly recommended by NFC 17-102 standard.

How it Works

Unique in both operation and design, the Lightning Strike Counter uses a 2-wire connection to any metal conductor for the detection of lightning induced voltage so conductor dimensions are unimportant. The unit captures up to 999,999 events before automatically resetting. Requiring no external power supply or internal battery for operation, the design of the LSC-7D includes a NEMA 4X/IP66, UV stabilized polycarbonate enclosure with surface mount flanges, which is UL94V-0 flame rated and suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation. Enclosures are built to provide protection against extreme environmental conditions and hazards.